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Hennepin County Carbon Offset Partnership

Green Cities Accord and Hennepin County registered our first urban tree planting project in partnership in 2023. The project includes trees that were planted from 2020 – 2022 in the public right-of-way along County streets as well as on County facility land or tax forfeited land where the County has the authority to plant and maintain trees.

Green Cities Accord will serve as the Project Operator, the entity who undertakes a project, registers the carbon offsets, and is ultimately responsible for submitting annual monitoring reports as well as any project documentation necessary throughout the duration of the project. Green Cities Accord will also be responsible for the sale of offsets generated by the project. Proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets from this project will be reinvested in additional tree planting and maintenance performed by Hennepin County.

In addition to sequestering carbon, this project has many other positive impacts on the residents of Hennepin County. This project helps address environmental disparities by prioritizing tree plantings in areas of the County that have low percentage tree canopy cover. Trees planted will also reduce heat island effects, mitigate stormwater runoff and capture particulate air pollution.

Carbon Offset Project

Project location

Hennepin County

Project type

Tree planting

Trees planted


Total carbon sequestered

2,690 metric tons of CO2

Project documents

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