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A city employee carries a young tree, about 7 feet high, and lowers the roots into the hole in the ground.

City of St. Paul Partnership

The City of St. Paul partnered with Green Cities Accord to establish an urban tree carbon project that registered trees planted from 2021-2023. Green Cities Accord serves as the Project Operator, the entity who undertakes a project, registers the carbon credits, and is ultimately responsible for submitting annual monitoring reports as well as any project documentation necessary throughout the duration of the project. Green Cities Accord is also responsible for the sale of offsets generated by the project. Proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets from this project are reinvested in additional tree planting and maintenance performed by the City of St. Paul.

This project, a collaborative effort between Green Cities Accord and the City of St. Paul, demonstrates the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing environmental challenges at the local level. This initiative also aligns with broader sustainability and climate action goals of the City. The planted trees not only provide carbon sequestration benefits but will also reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce stormwater runoff, and capture particulate air pollution. This project is the first in an anticipated long-term relationship between Green Cities Accord and the City, whereby future tree plantings by the City will be enrolled in additional carbon offset projects.

Carbon Offset Project

Project location

St. Paul

Project type

Tree planting

Trees planted


Total carbon sequestered

39,152 metric tons of CO2

Project documents

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