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A unique perspective, looking upwards at a young tree with apartment buildings in the background.

Federal Government Unveils New Guidelines to Enhance Integrity of Carbon Offsets

The Biden administration has introduced a set of federal guidelines to bolster confidence in carbon offsets, a tool for combating climate change. These guidelines aim to ensure that carbon offsets are effective and reliable in ...
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City of Saint Paul Joins Twin Cities Urban Tree Carbon Offset Program in Collaboration with Green Cities Accord

On May 8, the Saint Paul City Council unanimously approved participation in an innovative urban tree carbon offset program in partnership with Green Cities Accord. The program is designed to increase funding for Twin Cities ...
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The Remarkable Benefits of Urban Trees: Vital for Climate Resilient Communities

Imagine an object that cleans the air, fights climate change, cools your house, keeps pollution out of waterways, and even lowers your blood pressure — and it’s powered by just water and sunlight. Now imagine ...
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Looking upward at a dense grouping of trees, with bright green leaves, and a little sunlight peaking through.

City Forest Credits: Quantifying the Benefits of Urban Trees

The Story, Science, and People Behind the First National Urban Tree Carbon Offset Standard Talking about the benefits of urban trees is easy; quantifying them is hard. And developing a way for urban trees to ...
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A city employee in a yellow safety vest helps a young girl plant a tree during Arbor Day at Lake Hiawatha

The new green economy: building a resilient urban forest

With diminishing public money for urban forestry, carbon offset markets are rising to meet funding gaps. One small nonprofit is leading the way in Minnesota. When 5,000 members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) gathered ...
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A mother and daughter pet their dog on a clear summer evening in an urban green space, with newly planted trees in the background.

Green Minneapolis adopts new name “Green Cities Accord” as it expands its impact on urban climate resiliency

Green Minneapolis, a trailblazer in urban climate resiliency, is excited to announce its new name – Green Cities Accord – which was chosen to reflect the organization’s heightened focus on enhancing the lives of people ...
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Newly planted trees align in a row on a boulevard, as cars drive past on the adjacent road.

Growing together: The urban forest of Green Minneapolis

In the heart of Minneapolis where concrete dominates the landscape, David Wilson, Chair of Green Minneapolis, professes an extraordinary love for trees that runs deep. His passion stems from a profound connection to his roots: intertwining ...
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The city of downtown Minneapolis is framed by a collage of autumn-colored trees in the foreground.

Landscape architects advance sustainable conference strategies to achieve climate action goals

ASLA forms partnership with Green Minneapolis to offset greenhouse gas emissions from its 2023 Conference in Minneapolis and support tree planting in underserved communities. ASLA has released its first Sustainable Event Impact Assessment, a comprehensive gap ...
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Skyline of downtown Minneapolis with trees in the foreground.

Minnesota’s first urban tree carbon offset project sells offsets

Green Minneapolis announced an initial sale from Minnesota’s first urban tree carbon offset project. Winslow Capital Management, LLC, an affiliate of Nuveen, LLC, purchased 750 Carbon+ Credits issued by City Forest Credits, a non-profit carbon registry ...
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