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Newly planted trees align in a row on a boulevard, as cars drive past on the adjacent road.

Growing together: The urban forest of Green Minneapolis

In the heart of Minneapolis where concrete dominates the landscape, David Wilson, Chair of Green Minneapolis, professes an extraordinary love for trees that runs deep. His passion stems from a profound connection to his roots: intertwining a tale of heritage and an appreciation for trees.

David’s journey begins with memories of his immigrant grandparents from Slovakia. As a young child, he spent time on his grandparents’ farm, where fields and enchanting woods awaited him. It was in these moments, amidst the towering trees and the earth’s nurturing soil, that David discovered his love for the forest. Exploring the woodlands with a keen eye, David foraged for mushrooms and picked fruit from the orchards.  But it was not only the bounties of the forest that captivated him.  The way his grandparents deliberately cultivated the fruit trees sparked a desire to care for trees and contribute to the world’s natural tapestry. Later, while working for his uncle’s landscape company, he found himself digging, planting, and caring for trees, instilling in him a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the transformative power that trees possess.

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