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A mother and daughter pet their dog on a clear summer evening in an urban green space, with newly planted trees in the background.

Green Minneapolis adopts new name “Green Cities Accord” as it expands its impact on urban climate resiliency

Green Minneapolis, a trailblazer in urban climate resiliency, is excited to announce its new name – Green Cities Accord – which was chosen to reflect the organization’s heightened focus on enhancing the lives of people by protecting and growing the urban tree canopy.  “Green Cities” signals the organization’s expansion across the Twin Cities, Minnesota and beyond, and “Accord” highlights its expertise fostering collaboration among public, private and non-profit stakeholders to collectively address the challenges of climate change on urban residents.  

Since its inception in 2014, Green Minneapolis – now Green Cities Accord – has been a driving force in promoting urban green spaces and tree canopy. The organization played a leadership role creating The Commons, a 4.2 acre downtown park that replaced blocks of surface parking lots, renovating the historic landmark Peavey Plaza and expanding the street tree canopy in downtown Minneapolis through Greening Lab.  Since launching its Climate Resiliency Initiative in 2021, the organization has expanded its tree canopy program in Minneapolis and Hennepin County, and now works across the Twin Cities metro and outstate Minnesota. To date, the initiative has secured over $1 million dollars in funding for urban tree planting and maintenance, and has over 33,000 trees enrolled in its innovative urban tree carbon offset program.

Urban trees play a multifaceted role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. They act as natural carbon sinks, improve air quality, capture stormwater, reduce urban heat island effect, reduce energy consumption and enhance overall biodiversity. By protecting and expanding urban tree canopy, Green Cities Accord is enhancing the climate resilience of urban areas to create more sustainable, environmentally equitable communities.

As part of the rebranding initiative, Green Cities Accord will be introducing a fresh visual identity and website that embodies the organization’s mission of urban climate resiliency through tree canopy protection and expansion.

“We believe the new name and visual identity will resonate with our partners, supporters and the communities we serve. This is an exciting new chapter for Green Cities Accord, as we focus our efforts to protect and expand the urban tree canopy in Minneapolis, across the Twin Cities and beyond.” said Michaela Neu, Green Cities Accord’s Director of Programs & Operations.


For further information, please contact:

Michaela Neu, Director of Programs & Operations
Email: mn**@gr***************.org 
Phone: 904-404-2669

Green Cities Accord
PO Box 582877
Minneapolis, MN 55458

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